A new cocktail menu in Berlin raises the bar even higher!

A new cocktail menu in Berlin raises the bar even higher!

Known as the first cocktail book, The Bar Tenders Guide was first printed in 1862 by Jerry Thomas, known as the father of American mixology.The Professor” Jerry Thomas’s The Bar-Tender’s Guide: A Complete Cyclopaedia of Plain and Fancy Drinks. First published in 1862, Thomas’s short book was the first ever printed guide to mixing cocktails. Launched into an America heady with Gold Rush Fever and divided by a vicious civil war, the book offered by way of diversion a collection of almost alchemical recipes and fantastical techniques that still dazzle today.

Known as the first cocktail book, The Bar Tenders Guide

This brings us nicely to Salut Bar in Berlin and its new book. Probably for the first time since then, a cocktail bar has released its own secrets and allows the reader to duplicate their cocktails at home via instructions in their newly released book called SALUT The menu Book and recipes. The book aims to provide more than exquisite beverages by sharing their creation processes, recipes, and methods, inviting you to recreate their drinks at home. This cocktail book represents their dedication to mixology, offering an exploration of its history and evolution. They invite you to discover the effort, passion, and creativity that craft an exceptional cocktail. The extraordinary thing about the new book is that in addition to mentioning the exact recipe of the signature drinks, the complete information around the preparation is also published. The book is available to purchase behind the bar for 19,90€ which is bargain!

salut cocktail book

The new cocktail menu, inspired by mixology’s golden age through the post-Prohibition era, blends classic techniques with contemporary approaches. This curation pays homage to the past while pushing the boundaries of the present. Alongside their cocktails, they also offer a selection of fine champagnes and spirits, reflecting their passion for quality. Inside, in case you haven’t been to Salut Bar yet, you should expect retro and hip vibes that resonate at the same time, with its art deco ambiance of gold decor, oil paintings, heavy leather sofas, and dim, cozy light takes you back to the origins of cocktails in the USA.

As well as the new book, owner Dejan Spasovski always had the plan to launch his own product but due to time constraints and a successful bar, it didn’t happen until 2022 when „Salut! Dry Gin No.1″ was born in a joint project with distillery DSM Deutsche Spirituosen Manufaktur. It’s a unique and distinctive gin, combining juniper from the Balkans with local “Goldrenette von Blenheim” apples, coriander seeds as well as lemon verbena, and hand-picked spruce shoots. Indian black pepper and Mallorcan Verna lemon appreciatively round off the taste experience. Delicious! Experience it on location or order a bottle via their online shop.

salut gin

Finally, we end with a few recommendations from the new menu. First up we love the gently sweet and sour EAT MY APPLES cocktail with Calvados, Celery Oleo, Verjus, Suze, and Cucumber Bitters. The herbal and slightly fruity, notes of celery and apple will delight your nose and its light and smooth texture will leave you wanting more. Delicious!

Second up you should ask about the PALO SANTO O.F. with Basil Hayden Bourbon, Spiced Oleo Saccharum*, Jägermeister Manifest, Angostura Bitters, Palo Santo Tincture. Amazing! Third is the floral and fruity Duchess Garden with Dry Gin, Peach Aperitif, Hibiscus Syrup*, Verjus, and Bergamot, Peychaud’s Bitters, and Champagne. Wow!

Last but not least we love the complex, slightly herbal, notes of dried fruits and tonka in the BANBURY CROSS cocktail. Made from Dewar’s Scotch 12y, Pedro Ximenez Sherry, Fernet Branca, Tonka, Verjus, and Angostura Bitters, expect a rich and smooth texture to take your tastebuds into overdrive! Dont just take our word for it though. Pay Salut Bar a visit and try our recommendations for yourselves. We have even added an interactive map below to get you there so no excuses. You can thank us later!

Salut Bar Drinks (Coffee Drink)
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